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Teleios: Where Strategy Meets Execution

We empower leaders to bring compelling vision to life with unmatched strategic execution.

Teleios Strategy: Achieving Excellence Through Execution

Exponential Scaling
Successfully scaled businesses, culminating in high-profile acquisitions by industry leaders.
Transformational Turnarounds
Transformed struggling companies into industry benchmarks, establishing market dominance.
Harnessing deep experience with Fortune 500s for innovative and sophisticated solutions.
Creative Innovation
Revived tired business models with breakthrough new value creation.

Championed by World-leading Brands & Companies

We empower leaders to actualize their compelling visions with unmatched strategic execution.

Facing Strategy Gaps in a Complex Business Landscape?

You realize the need for a data-driven, actionable strategy. Yet, the challenges loom:

Expertise: The path ahead demands refined strategic tools and resources, but where do you find them?
Execution: A dormant plan isn't what you're after. You crave a dynamic strategy that leaps off the pages into action.
Time: Crafting and rolling out a plan independently drains your invaluable time and vigor.
Teleios Strategy understands these pains. Our mission? To bridge these gaps for you.
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Whole Strategy: Perfectly Balanced, Fully Realized

In business, value creation is paramount. But what is strategy without execution? Or planning without palpable outcomes? At Teleios Strategy, we drive precise planning to dynamic execution.

Derived from ancient Greek, “teleios” signifies “whole’” or “complete.”

To us, a perfect & complete strategy is seamless, intertwining the art of meticulous planning with the power of tangible action.

Value Creation: We aim beyond incremental tweaks. Our focus? Pioneering new value avenues for stakeholders.
Dynamic Execution: Plans aren't just for shelves. We ensure they come alive, driving your business forward.
Holistic Approach: Embracing the essence of "Teleios", we deliver strategies that are both comprehensive and actionable.

Teleios Strategy: Achieving Excellence Through Execution

Transformation Over Tweak
Most plans stagnate with incrementalism. We catapult businesses forward with new growth paths.
Reinvention Is Our Mantra
We don't just adjust; we reinvent. Our unwavering commitment is to create and execute groundbreaking value.
Middle-Market Mastery
Handcrafted for middle-market business—because it’s not just our expertise, it’s our origin.
Clarity and Command
Shift from ambiguity to crystal-clear direction.
Exponential Growth
Transform your bottom line.
Time, Tamed
Reclaim time, your most treasured asset, and steer your business confidently.

Their Success, Your Potential

Witness what's possible when strategy meets execution

When it was time for our Association and Board to revamp our strategic plan, we knew it was going to be a heavy lift with a lot of moving pieces. Drew was there every step of the way to guide us to execution.

Deirdre Flynn


Teleios has been a game changer for us. When our business hit a low, Drew came in with a strategic plan that totally flipped our organization around. We're now experiencing remarkable growth and success!

Talia Sternberg

President, DutchBros NoCo

Teleios has been a trusted advisor to our team for several years. Drew brings a unique skill-set and level of insight that is focused on helping us not just plan, but execute.

Clint Jasperson

President, Purpose Driven Wealth/Thrivent

Our business has grown exponentially the last several years and the strategic solutions provided by Teleios have been a big reason for our success.

Marc Torres

CEO, Cheba Hut

Teleios has become a truly trusted advisor for our entire leadership team and company.  From the beginning, Drew was able to quickly grasp who we are as a company, our values, and our ultimate vision for where we are going.  Teleios has provided invaluable guidance ranging from high level strategy to execution at the most granular levels.

Josh Guernsey

President, Waypoint Companies

Empowering Leadership at Every Level

Explore our array of strategic growth solutions: on-demand strategic insights, high-impact executive coaching, and comprehensive succession planning to shape next-gen leadership.

Fractional Chief Strategy Officer: Expertise on-demand for visionary leadership.
Executive Coaching: Personalized growth and guidance for key contributors.
Leadership Development: Cultivating the future, now.
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The Innovator Behind Teleios Strategy.

Drew is deeply passionate about helping companies achieve what they did not think was possible. He leverages his extensive track record in high-performance team building and strategic execution to solve challenging problems at the nexus of growth, strategy, and innovation. Drawing on vast advising and executive experience that stretches across multiple industries, Drew delivers unique results at scale.

Drew holds a Master of Divinity from Denver Seminary, an MBA from Texas A&M University, and a Ph.D. from the University of Birmingham, UK.

He’s not just all business, though. Drew's an explorer at heart—40 countries and counting! A seventh-generation Coloradoan, he cherishes time with his wonderful family in the great outdoors.

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Revolutionizing Strategy: From Planning to Execution

Unlike many strategy firms that limit themselves to incremental enhancements, we champion the creation of brand-new value. With a unique method that integrates execution right into the planning blueprint, we’re the go to for growth-minded leaders. Born from our own experiences successfully scaling, we understand how to get there.